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By utilising both conventional design packages alongside newer 3d software, Pixel Concept have produced original creative designs within the food & beverage industry.

Kroon Casino

Kroon casino We are the proudest designers of the new Kroon Casino logo. Kroon Casino is one of the oldest online casino’s currently online. When you look at the overall layout of the KroonCasino, you’ll see that the website isn’t really up to date. We have addressed this innovation with both hands. Not only the layout, but also the logo of  Kroon casino has been completely renewed. We can not show the new logo yet. A nice alternative for this casino is The Spin Palace casino.

By mid July this year, the new Krooncasino logo will be displayed on this website. So keep an eye on our website and you will witness this beautiful new logo. If you are not familiar with the Krooncasino then click on this link. You will then land on a page with an extensive review of the Kroon Casino. The review is written in Dutch. Fortunately, we currently have the Google translation service!